Blast From The Past: Retro Style Interior Design

retro styleRetro style always seems to make an appearance every few decades, mixing the trends of today with the vivid style of the years before. Whether retro style makes an appearance in interior design or fashion, its easy to see that these trends never stay gone for too long. The styles of yesteryear were filled with oversized light fixtures and wild prints, but you can easily find ways to blend these with your existing décor instead of looking like you just arrives from the 1970s. 

Add Bright Colors

One of the key traits of years before were the bright colors you could find in nearly any family home. Bold patterns with giant shapes are iconic for that time, but you can bring those looks into your home today. Many online and home furnishings stores offer wallpaper with retro appeal, allowing you to mimic the fun prints that are making a comeback. To find the right balance for your home, choose only a few colors to avoid making the room look scattered and ill planned.

Make Subtle Changes

If choosing a bold print to plaster all over your wall is too intimidating for you, find subtle ways to make the change and add the retro feel to your home. For a more subdued appearance, try a small and detailed geometric pattern on wallpaper to include the bold print without the bold sizes. Pastels and muted versions of your favorite retro colors help you to maintain your modern home, giving you small tastes of retro design. Mix and match understated prints to keep a wild quality.

Give Modern Furniture a Retro Twist

Most of the furniture in retro design centers on curves and circular shapes. If you already have these features with your existing furniture, make sure to pair it with modern leather and lacquered wood to give the retro motif with a modern spin. If you need to find new furniture, your best bet at finding something authentic is a trip to the thrift store. A thrift store often has donations from other patrons of furniture that may be decades old. To update this furniture, you often only need to dedicate a little time to reupholstering or cleaning it up, before it is ready to enter your retro home.

Change Up Your Look

Even the most modern and classic home interior can use some of the spunk and brightness that older trends offer. Retro design gives you a chance to relive your youth, bringing key components straight to your living room or bedroom. Finding the right balance between retro style and current trends is the key to designing a cohesive look throughout your living space.

The Difference Between Tiles And Linoleum, And When To Use Each

tiles and linoleumAs you renovate your home and decide between various flooring types, you may want to look at the advantages to using tile or linoleum in your home. Both types of flooring are easy to maintain and require simple cleaning, but each has its own characteristics that make it suited for your home renovation. First, you must look at the qualities of both tiles and linoleum to determine the best time to use each one.


Tiles give a clean and elegant look to any household with multiple colors and designs available, depending on where you select your style. In any room, tile increases the resale value of your home since its look is timeless, blending with a variety of different home décor themes. Tile is relatively durable, withstanding accidental spills and floods that would otherwise result in permanent damage.

The best place to use tile is with a radiant floor heating system. This system prevents the floor from becoming colder during the winter months, which is important since tile has no insulation of its own. Since it has no insulation, it also does not dampen sounds in your home. The installation of tile often requires the use of a contractor for optimum precision.


Linoleum is also a durable material, but in different ways. With proper installation and care, a linoleum floor can last up to 40 years before needing replacement. It comes in many patterns, styles, and colors, retaining them well throughout the duration of its use. It does not require a professional installation, making it cost efficient if you prefer do-it-yourself projects. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of linoleum is its biodegradability, preventing it from causing indoor pollution.

Since the material is thinner than and not as strong as tile, it is possible to scratch or damage the linoleum with high-heeled shoes or while moving furniture. However, due to the low cost of purchase and minimal labor, replacing the damaged area is quick and easy.

When to Use Each

 As you choose what type of flooring to use, you should consider what areas have high traffic. If you have a family with small children, you may benefit more from a linoleum floor, since the impact of tripping or falling is much less severe. If you do not have children and prefer a high-quality look, use tile to enhance the value of your home. Essentially, the choice is up to you when selecting the right pattern and material that suits your living area the best.

Interior Design Singapore Agency With Good Renovation Package

Interior Design SingaporeAs you prepare to renovate your home, you only want to choose the best interior design Singapore company to handle your renovation package. If you do not know what to look for, choosing a top interior designer can be tough. There are the three major attributes to look for when you need to determine the best Singapore interior design company for the job.

However before reading further, I’ll recommend you to use a Singapore interior design marketplace such as Interior Design Singapore Hub as they will be able to recommend you a list of interior designers in Singapore that can offer you a great home renovation package! I have myself ‘experimented’ with their website and it is definitely very informative and helpful.

Interior Design Singapore Agency Important Attribute # 1


renovation package in singapore

Any successful interior design company in Singapore has a portfolio or display of their recent renovations. Many companies employ other renovation contractors that they trust to handle specialized tasks such as carpentry, air conditioner installations, and tile. A good design company knows each specialty well enough to find a high-quality contractor. Any business should be aware of the work and quality requirements needed for a specialized job, even if they need to outsource the work.

Interior Design Singapore Agency Important Attribute # 2


how to choose an interior design agency in singapore

Whether you are renovating your home or your office, you need a designer that has experience. Though it may cost less find someone new to the design world, an experienced company has a better understanding of working with clients and contractors. Since many companies use a 3D drawing or computer program to show the detail of your renovation, look at their planning method. A more detailed drawing of the final plan is an indication of how professional and realistic the designer is when redesigning any space. Any established company has completed drawings of previous projects, and they are often willing to show you to secure a contract for your home.

Renovation Package – How To Get The Best Customer Service

Being a reputable Singapore interior design company relies on patient customer service. Designers constantly have requests for changes from their clients during the planning process for their home renovation package, so it is important that they know how to handle these types of customers. The level of customer service provided is something that can set the design company apart from others. You need a designer that considers and applies your preferences to any theme. Choose a renovation package from a Singapore interior design company with patience for your ideas and demands, rather than one that refuses to hear your unique take on your selected theme.

Interior Design Singapore Summary

Choosing the Best Company for You

You are the one that sees your interior décor each day. A good designer is able to take your personality and opinion, turning it into something that helps you feel at home. If you are unable to select between different interior design companies in Singapore, schedule meetings with your top choices to see which designer blends best with your personal style. Often, the best attribute a top Singapore interior design company can have is versatility to offer you the best renovation package for your home.

Does Do-It-Yourself Interior Design Have To Look Tacky?

do-it-yourself interior designIf you decide to try out do-it-yourself interior design, you may be worried about the overall look. In any home, you want the atmosphere to feel high quality and comfortable without looking cheap and tacky. You do not need to hire an interior designer to make your property look professional; use a few simple tricks to completely transform your home in a way that looks beautiful and seamless.

Create a Triptych

A triptych is an image that has been split into three separate pictures. Though you could find this type of art in a home furnishings store or a furniture gallery, creating your own triptych is relatively easy. Find any image online or in your personal photographs that you want to expand. When printing, make the image large enough to cover a wide or long area of the wall. Once printed, you can apply the image to a long board or customized frame to give the impression of a high-fashion art piece. This simple project transforms your house from relaxed to sophisticated in a few steps.

Use an Illusion

If you are in a small space, using an illusion to expand the area may be beneficial. A light, neutral color widens a room, making the room appear emptier than it is. For the illusion of an open layout, hang mirrors behind a sofa or along a wall that separates two rooms to make it seem like a window to the next area. A giant rug in a small room helps to tie in all your decorative elements while giving the impression that the room is bigger. By learning to balance these optical illusions, you make a small space seem exponentially bigger for the elegant look you want.

Choose a Bold Focal Point

A room filled with gentle and soft colors often benefits from a splash of bright and exuberant color. If your room has white walls and beige carpeting, choosing a fierce red hue helps to make your room look luxurious and professional. A small touch like this helps to make the difference when you want your home to look well designed.

The Tiny Details Count

The best way to make your home look lavish without having an equally lavish budget is to add the tiny details. With a burst of color or a well-placed mirror, you expand a room and its possibilities during the designing process. Start the do-it-yourself process by finding the right budget and looking through ideas online, so you know the way you want the room to look in the end. Once you have a goal, achieving the interior design you want becomes much easier and more attainable.

A Quick Look At Singapore Housing Options

Singapore housingBoth residents of Singapore and foreigners have options when it comes to Singapore housing. Singapore is known for the lavish lifestyles of each local individual; however, lavish lifestyles come with lavish price tags, so knowing what you can get for your income is the key. The Housing and Development Board offers many homes for families in need of public housing, both through renting and for purchase. Understanding the benefits of each type of investment is the key to finding the right arrangements for your situation.


 Renting a home is an option for citizens of Singapore and for foreigners, making this type of housing a profitable one. Once you find the area you like, you apply for residency with the owner or the Housing and Development Board. If that application is accepted, the designated owner discusses the lease agreement, often requesting to see your Employment Pass to ensure you have the means to pay for your contracted unit. A deposit is needed from the potential tenant if you decide to sign a lease that is longer than one year. Any tenant is responsible for paying for his or her own utilities, but the owner is responsible for regular maintenance of the facility.

There are multiple types of homes available to rent, including bungalows, penthouses, terrace houses, high-end serviced apartments, and condominiums. Individuals who prefer lower cost gravitate towards the condominiums that start at $2,500. Potential tenants with more financial security can afford the high-quality Good Class bungalows, offering at least 1,400 square meters and costing up to $45,000 on average.


To purchase a home within Singapore, you must be a citizen. Foreigners and illegal immigrants are not allowed to purchase property by law. However, if you want to buy landed property, the government must approve your purchase. Homebuyers may be subject to a 99-year lease, meaning that you pay the government the total amount for your home for up to 99 years. Once this time passes, you must relinquish your rights to the government. Some buyers select a free hold lease, meaning that home is theirs for the rest of their lives.

 Living in Singapore

Choosing to live in Singapore can be very expensive, but many options are available to make housing affordable for individuals of every financial class. Units are available to purchase or rent with multiple benefits to each option. If you want to purchase a home, speak with a Singapore housing company for guidance and information on the local regulations. Low-income families may qualify for reserved HDB flats, if their income falls below the required limits. With so many options for housing, finding a place to call your own is relatively simple.

Sources For Interior Decorating Ideas

interior decorating ideasIf you are looking to renovate you home, you may need some interior decorating ideas to start moving in the right direction. The internet is filled with resources, allowing you to research multiple types of themes before you settle on one specific look. Knowing the different options available to you is the best information you can learn while deciding what type of décor shows your personal style.

Social Media

One of the greatest ways to find decorating ideas is through social media. On websites like Facebook and Instagram, you may have friends that share your interest in decorating, reposting their favorite ideas on their profile. Pinterest is a commonly used site for this type of information, allowing you to search through the profiles of your friends or public profiles to find the type of décor you like. If you see a project you want to use for your own living space, you can bookmark the page on your browser or create your own board to save decorating ideas.

Decorating Magazines 

Decorating magazines and publications cover current Singapore interior design trends in the interior design industry, along with methods of organization and ways to create more space in your home. Buy a magazine through a subscription or a one-time purchase to get a look at new options. Popular periodicals include Good Housekeeping, Elle Décor, HGTV, and House Beautiful. All of these magazines feature new articles every month about interior design and decorating, making them an excellent resource for your research.

Interior Designer

 Even if you find that you know what influences you want to include in your home, hiring an interior designer helps to create a unified look throughout your home. The training and expertise of a designer helps you create a well-balanced living space, while including all of your favorite features you found in social media and magazines. These professionals are also aware of any regulations or laws in your area to keep your renovations safe and legal.

Find Your Style

Throughout the search for the right color scheme or interior décor theme, you need to keep your personal style and functionality of your home in mind. Your home should be a reflection of yourself and your unique personality, but research helps to interpret those traits and find a tasteful way to express your inner self. Sometimes, professional assistance is the best way to translate those likes and dislikes into a beautiful home. Use the available resources to help find your preferred look around your home.

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips

When Decorating A Family Room, Keep “Fun” In Mind

Decorating a family room is often less formal than most of the other rooms in your home. A family room should be multifunctional, allowing you to casually entertain or get rowdy with your little ones. Since every person in the household uses this type of room, it should be safe for all ages. Change the look of your family room with a few simple ideas, making it a great place for building relationships and bonding.

Play with Color

The most fun part of decorating a family room is the creative way you can use color. Though many homeowners gravitate towards primary colors, you can incorporate just about any color you want with the right balance. Bright colors make a room appear larger, which is an important trait when you want to make the most out of the space you have. Even the furniture and accessories should include fun colors, helping to keep the room playful and entertaining. A brightly colored rug helps tie the entire room together.

Room to Play

Since your kids will also be using this living space, you need to provide enough space and surfaces for them to play as well. A family room is the best place to include a multifunctional table, bringing the whole family together for a game at the end of a long week. Most of the furniture avoids sharp corners and edges, instead using plush couches and rounded table edges to avoid injury. A family room also needs additional storage to keep everything organized while not in use. This room is for both children and adults, so you need to make sure there are clear paths for your children to run around and play safely.

Incorporating Wall Art

Even though a family room is casual, you can still use wall art to help personalize the room in a different way. Rather than just painting, use the wall as a play area too by placing a chalkboard on the wall for your kids to draw and express themselves. Some families use the wall as a projector, rather than having a television that could easily be knocked down by a rambunctious toddler. Wall art in a family room should add to the lighthearted tone of a room while maintaining a relaxed ambiance.

A Place for Everyone

Using color and plush furniture in a family room helps to make the atmosphere playful and safe for anyone in the home. Children need space to run, play, and express their creativity; a family room that centers on fun helps them to enjoy their home as much as the adults that live there. Transform your family room into the most enjoyable area in your home with a few adjustments and a little imagination.